Animate your reseller network with a powerful Mobile APP!

An innovative tool specially designed for sellers of direct sales companies, MyAppliVDI allows you to read online catalogs, receive and share product information, create and share promotional content, play videos and receive notifications.

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Customizable presentation

The APP is configurable with the brand, logo, dominant colors of the company, also including the configuration of important Internet links (website, social networks, video channels, etc.)

Integration with MOKA

Native to the Moka solution from DC Systems, all the data in the Moka article base (families, photos, descriptions, attributes, prices, etc.) and all the seller's data are automatically integrated in the APP.

Digital catalogs

Creating a new catalog is as simple as importing a PDF. Products and videos can be associated with each page and have an impact on the application in real time.

New tools to boost your sales force

Easy to use and user-friendly, the MonAppliVDI interface is compatible with your PC, Smartphone and Tablet.

Once the website is assigned aweb, you can manage catalog publications yourself and take advantage of the multiple features offered by the application.

Digital catalogs ready to share

1 . Sur le site Web d'administration, la publication est créée à partir d'un fichier PDF.

2 . En quelques clics, les produits, images et vidéos sont associés aux pages grâce à l'intégration avec la base de données Moka.

3 . La date de lancement de la publication, sa durée de vie et les utilisateurs qui peuvent y accéder sont configurables.

Automatic distribution

Users who have installed the APP will receive a notification of the new publication available according to the configured dates.

Optimized download

The images will be downloaded as the user browses the pages, avoiding delays and taking full advantage of the space on the memory of his laptop.

Catalogs in the APP instantly

1 . Immediately after the catalog is published, users can browse it and access products and videos.

2 . It is even possible to see a grid with all the pages and share them on social networks

3 . The products associated with the pages can be viewed in their detailed folder where product information and illustrative images are available.

Direct access to VDIs

All catalogs created are received directly by users, creating a dynamic virtual connection

Useful information at the right time

Users will have immediate access to the information they need to accelerate their sales

Sharing with customers, prospects and sales teams

1 . A sharable link available at all times to share catalog pages, products, notes.

2 . A module for creating Promotional Images to highlight a product, a meeting, an opportunity, a promotion

3 . Sharing the eshop link with encapsulated reseller code. By clicking on the link, the customer lands at the eshop site and can order online.

Ideal for preparing customers

VDIs can send info before calling their customers or prospects. Loyalty or prospecting becomes easier.

A purchasing journey 100% digital

By sharing the product link, VDIs can allow their busy customers to shop directly online.

Key Benefits


Create a digital link with the VDIs: the APPLI icon on the smartphone becomes daily reminder to access product information, receive notifications and animate sales.


Transform your existing catalogs into an integrated digital experience, taking more advantage of the investment made.


Leverage on the existing MOKA implementation by syncing data automatically and activating an automatic login for the VDIs to access the Intranet.


Improve the Digital Campaigns by providing updated materials for the VDIs to share on their social networks, including the possibility of sharing the Product e-Shop links.


Learn from the usage behavior in the APPLIs which are the most viewed content, by accessing a Detailed report on all the platform activities.


Generic APPLI: fast, easy and inexpensive set-up, all functionalities, VDI receives brand customization in Login.
Company APPLI: Publication on the store with own brand, low investment compared to custom development.