Animate your resellers network with a powerful Mobile APP!

An innovative tool specially designed for salespeople in direct sales companies, which allows them to
• Access multiple Digital Catalogs
• Share product information
• Create and share promotional content
• View videos
• Receive notifications

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Customisable presentation

The APP can be configured with the brand, the logo, the dominant colors of the company

Integration with MOKA

Integrated natively into the Moka solution, all data is integrated automatically.

Digital Catalogues

Creating a new catalog is as easy as importing a PDF.

New tools to boost your sales force

Easy to use and engage, the interface is compatible with your Smartphone and Tablet. 

By using the administration web, you can manage the publications of the catalog yourself and take advantage of the many features offered by the APPLI. 

Catalogues numériques prêts à être partagés

1 .On the administration website, the publication is created from a PDF file.

2 . Products, images and videos are associated to the pages thanks to the integration with the Moka database.

3 . The launch date of the publication, its lifespan and the users who can access it are configurable.

Automatic distribution

Users who have installed the APP will see the new publication available according to the configured dates.

Optimized downloading

Les images seront téléchargées au fur et à mesure que l'utilisateur parcourt les pages, en évitant les retards et en profitant pleinement de l'espace sur la mémoire de son portable.

Publication of a new digital catalog

1 .Digital catalogs are automatically accessible after publication.

2 .It is even possible to see all the pages and share them on social networks

3 .The products associated with the pages can be viewed, they contain the Moka product sheet and photos

Direct access to the VDIs

All catalogues created are received directly by the users, creating a dynamic virtual connection.

Useful information at the right time

Users will have immediate access to the information they need to accelerate their sales.

Sharing to customers and prospects

1 .  A permanently available sharing link to publish catalogue pages, products and notes on the networks. 

2 .A module for creating promotional images to highlight a product, a meeting or a promotion.

3 .Eshop link with encapsulated trader code. By clicking on the link, the customer arrives at the eshop and can order online.

Ideal for preparing customer meetings

Loyalization and prospecting becomes easier: VDIs can send information anywhere and at any time

A purchase path that is 100% digital

By sharing the product link, VDIs can enable their customers to purchase directly online.

And even more sharing with customers, thanks to Interactive Catalogues

1 .VDIs can fully share catalogues for their customers to access from a web browser.

2 .Customers view the interactive catalogues from their mobile or computer, with automatic adaptation to the screen.

3 .The customer can create a wish list and then place an order on the seller's eshop.

Make meetings more dynamic and effective

With the Meeting module enabled, the Interactive Catalogue will automatically link all sales to the meeting selected by the IDV.

Increase your sales with ESHOP integration

Make it easier for customers to navigate through the catalogue, thanks to a richer visual experience. The customer will then complete the order in the ESHOP in a natural way.

Virtual Video Library to centralize all content

Published on YouTube or any other website, the content can be organized into different categories and the VDIs can use them for internal self-training, sharing on social networks or sending them directly to clients.

Unlimited Push Notifications: immediate or scheduled

Push notifications can be sent from the administration website. The messages will be received and displayed directly in the APPLI.

Dashboard: a window to monitor the use of the APPLI

In order to track all activity on the platform, the dashboard provides a set of indicators covering all events captured in the Android and iOS applications.

A powerful and easy digital transformation


Create a digital link with the VDI: the icon on the smartphone becomes a daily reminder to encourage sales.


Integrate all your catalogues, videos and digital media to be used for marketing, internal communication and continuous training activities.


The launch of the APPLI will help to increase the number of active sellers and thus increase turnover.


Control your image on social networks by providing controlled documents that VDIs will share on their social networks, including links to the online shop.


From the existing MOKA implementation, the data will automatically synchronise, and the VDIs will be able to access their intranet directly from the App.


Learn from usage behaviour and identify which content is most viewed and shared, by accessing a detailed report on all platform activity.